Krugman on “Republican Science”: Can we please make a trade barrier against that?

This is an endorsement. Paul Krugman’s recent Op-Ed in the New York Times describes in horrifying detail how some parts of America, and potential Republican Presidential candidates are turning their back against science. The piece, Republicans Against Science, is really scary. Read it and weep.

The Wall Street Journal editorial by a Stephen Moore that Krugman mentions, can be found here. It is also a horrifying read. It basically says that economics is stupid, and common sense is better. Weep some more.

It is scary right now for me, as my country have an election campaign where main issues are economic. And since American tendencies inevitably are imported in Europe at some time, I beg that it will take a little while before most politicians here (and elsewhere in Europe) start hailing “common sense” over science. Some morons, of course, already do, but some can still accept a scientifically based argument. Still.

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