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Economics as a Moral Science. American Economic Review: Papers & Proceedings 2011

The annual Papers & Proceedings issue of the American Economic Review is always a good read. It is literally full of papers from leading scholars on the newest “hot” topics in the profession as well as updates on the status of more enduring topics. The format of the issue is ideal for those who want a fairly quick introduction or refresher on a subject, since each is covered by three to four short papers that made up the corresponding session at the recent winter meetings of the American Economic Association. For those who think that economics is a narrow-minded science, it is recommended to pick up the latest issue to … Continue reading

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100 Years of the American Economic Review: The Top 20 Articles

It has been noticed by many already, but I thought I would “advertise” this Top 20 as well. In celebration of the 100 year anniversary of one of the economics profession’s top journals, a group of seasoned economists was asked to pick 20 of the best articles published so far in the American Economic Review. Most choices feel sort of self-evident and unavoidable when you see the list, and the group also notes that they quickly converged on 15 articles. The oldest paper is from 1928 (the birth of the Cobb-Douglas production function), and the youngest is from 1981 (Shiller’s paper on stock-price volatility). It is interesting that more than … Continue reading

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