Chris Auld’s 18 signs

Chris Auld really nails some common silly/ignorant ways of bashing economic sciences in his recent blog post. I could not have done it any better, and the funny/sad thing is that the 18 signs he lists which differentiate “crankery from solid criticism” are all signs that I see in my home-country media. Day after day. So these appear to be universal.

Here is the post (and lots of the comments unintentionally prove several of his points)—enjoy:

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  1. Kian Hafezi says:

    Economics is pretty much voodoo and trash,
    Of course an asshole who spends 8 years studying this horseshit has a stake in convincing everyone else how important and essential and “scientific” this field is
    Economics is at best contingent speculation and at worst destructive delusional voodoo and an instrument of power

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